An Interview with Sasha Masiuk


Working out of Saint Petersburg, Russia, Sasha Masiuk is a master of grayscale tattoo. She was kind enough to let us ask her some questions:

TattooYou – How did you become a tattoo artist?

Sasha Masiuk – As I recall, I’ve drawn all my life. I graduated from the Academy of Art and Design. I always liked tattoos very much, but only three years ago I decided to do it seriously. I bought all the equipment and began to learn by myself. I had no teacher at all. First, I inked at home but now I have my own Studio in Saint Petersburg @sashatattooingstudio and I have a great team of tattoo masters (some of them are my pupils and work in a similar style). We are also planning to open one more studio in Moscow and I hope it’s not the last one!

TY – What was your first tattoo, and who was the tattoo artist?

SM – I was 15 years old and of course my parents didn’t know about this first tattoo. It was a word “Love” made by a tattoo artist from Ukraine. After a year, the same tattoo artist covered up this tattoo with two big roses on my belly. I think it is my favorite tattoo.

TY – You are well known for your intricate greyscale style. How did you come to work in this style?

SM – When I started to ink I only had one tattoo machine-liner. That’s why I decided to make the tattoos in a style of linework. Then I began to add some dots into my sketches to make the picture have more volume. To this day I don’t use colors in my work. I always like graphic and monotone schemes most of all.

TY – What is your biggest inspiration?

SM – My love my husband. He is my biggest inspiration.

TY – Do you have a favorite tattoo theme?

SM – All kind of plants, flowers, floral patterns, and lots of skulls.

TY – Who are your favorite artists or tattoo artists?

SM – There are a lot tattoo artists that I like very much: @knarlygav, @sashaunisex, @ildo_tattoo, @dillonforte, @emily_rose_murray, @barbe_rousse_tattooer, @digimatism, @dr_woo_ssc, @mxmttt, and I think the list will grow with time.

TY – We can see on your Instagram feed that you like to travel. What is your favorite place to travel

SM – I really like to travel. I’ve just come back from a trip to the USA and CA and it was amazing. I am sure I will come back soon again. Now we are planning a Europe trip in February 2016 and I will visit a lot of countries. Honestly I like all the places where the weather is hot, for example I can’t forget my last journey to Malaysia.

TY – Do you listen to music when you tattoo?

SM – You can always listen to music in our studio and I like tattooing with music too. I listen to Mackintosh Braun, Puscifer, Burial, Pavel Dovgal, Caribou, A$ap Rocky, Action Bronson, Аmon Tobin, Chet Faker, Drake, Flako, Hiatus Kaiyote, Kendrick Lamar, Nicolas Jaar, Unkle, White Lies.

TY – Do you have any advice for young artists who want to be tattoo artists?

SM – I advise not to be afraid, and do what you want in your life. Reach your goals, set the new ones, and step by step you will have success in your work.

TY – Tattoos are permanent. How do you feel about your art being used as temporary tattoos?

SM – Real tattoos are not for everybody but with temporary tattoos you have a unique opportunity to have some ink on your body. And it’s amazing because they look like real. Maybe afterwards you will have a desire to make the real one!

TY – Thank you, Sasha!

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