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Knife Heart


2 for $6

Time to wear your heart on your sleeve. This awesome traditional knife heart is big enough to be tough, but small enough to wear anywhere on your body. You get 2 tattoos for one low price. 

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Nick Colella

Nick Colella

Having begun in the tattoo industry in 1994, Nick Colella has since established himself as “Chicago’s Favorite Tattooer” and “The Upsetter” – though his work and passion for the craft has clearly done the opposite for his customers over the years. Owning and working out of Great Lakes Tattoo, Colella’s old school style is shown in his traditional-inspired art, as do his influences such as Sailor Jerry, Mike Malone, Ed Hardy and Tatts Thomas. Visit @nickcollela on Instagram to see his work, as well as www.greatlakestattoo.comto view his portfolio and appointment info.

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