About Tattoo You

Since 2014, TattooYou has stayed committed to providing you with the best temporary tattoos with the most unique styles and imagery from talented tattoo artists the world over. With our designs, our service and everything in between, TattooYou strives to reinvent the temporary tattoo.

An idea borne out of a conversation between two friends working in the realms of communications and design, Craig Bedard and Alan MacIntyre have taken TattooYou from its conception in a bar to a one-stop shop for realistic temporary tattoos. Joining forces with friend/web designer Carl Lukasewich, the two combined Craig’s desire to forge online communities with Alan’s interest in art trends you can’t find in galleries into TattooYou.

Together, they’ve helped make TattooYou into a platform for tattoo artists from as far away as Russia and New Zealand with loyal followings to create real-looking, high quality temporary tattoos to help their art reach people and be worn without any of the pain, needles or lifelong commitment. Through TattooYou, artists combine their cutting-edge temporary tattoo designs with a greater sense of accessibility for those who otherwise might not get a real tattoo.

While the journey has been ongoing for a few years now, there’s still plenty of growing and fine-tuning to be done. Let’s keep going on that journey together.