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A Big True Love


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Expertly crafted old school imagery gets together with the skillful hand lettering of BJ Betts. A symphony in grey, you just can't argue with True Love. 

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BJ Betts

BJ Betts

With a style borne from Philadelphia’s hip hop scene, BJ Betts takes influences from Japanese and gothic styles and combines them for a truly unique tattooing style. An award-winning tattoo artist with numerous magazine profiles an awards to his name as well as partnerships with companies like Adidas, Burton Snowboards, Puma and more, Betts’ style and hand lettering techniques have led to him being branded by Kat Von D as a “lettering and logo specialist”. Betts owns and works out of the Lucky Buddha tattoo studio in Wilmington, DE, and also Trademark Tattoo; a studio he opened in 2008. He also works out of State Street Tattoo in Kennett Square, PA.
To view more of his artwork, go to www.bjbetts.com or visit his Instagram @bjbetts.