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This awesome bat head has a bold, traditional flair. Dusty says: "The bat head was from a sheet of flash I did with 5 different bat heads on it. I could draw them over and over, focusing on all their bizarre features."

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Dusty Neal

Dusty Neal

Inspired by metal and hardcore music as reasons for entering the tattoo industry, Dusty Neal has been in the game since 2006. After apprenticing under tattoo artist Donny Manco, the Indiana native has since gone on to become a prolific tattoo artist in his own right, making art inspired by his love of music, as well as through comic books by artists like Todd McFarlane and Jim Lee. Neal works out of Black Anvil Tattoo in Fort Wayne, IN.

His art can be found on www.blackanviltattoo.net, as well as on Instagram @dustyneal.