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Dan Smith Collection 1

This assemblage of classic Dan Smith designs make the perfect old school starter kit. 4 tattoos of varying sizes, you get ' Whole Lotta Rosie', 'Where Eagles Dare', 'Tear Us Apart' and 2 'Itsy Bitsys'.
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Dan Smith

Dan Smith

You may recognize him from giving permanent tats on TV through the series LA Ink, and his eye-popping art is right here in temporary form as well. Dan Smith has taken his passion for both art and music and fused them into a traditional and eye-popping style. Since moving to the United States in 2004, Smith has juggled a tattooing career with playing in new wave band the Dear & Departed up until 2012. In particular, the tattoo artist born in the UK and raised in New Zealand has seen his tattoo endeavours take him all over the world and open his own studio, Captured Tattoo. After working at High Voltage Tattoo with Kat Von D starting in 2008, Smith now works out of Captured Tattoo on an appointment-only basis in Tustin, CA, where he’s lived since 2012.
Visit his Instagram @dansmithism and www.capturedtattoo.comto see more of his work.