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Sasha Masiuk

Sasha Masiuk

This Russian tattoo artist’s work is known for its heavy use of greyscale and eye-catching, intricate black lines and dots – and such a mix meshes just as well in temporary tattoo form as it does permanent. A native of Kharkiv, Ukraine and formerly base in St. Petersburg, she has also founded three studios under the name of Sashatattooing; one in St. Petersburg, and two others in Moscow and Barcelona respectively. Now based in California, Masiuk has also seen her work become part of collaborations with companies like Reebok, ANEX, inkbox and many more, as well as Sashatattooing itself partnering with S7 Airlines and L’Oréal. To view more of her work, visit her Instagram feed at @sashatattooing and her website at www.sashatattooing.com.